Practice Policies


Our registered nurses perform most vaccinations in our daily nurse led clinics.
Travel vaccinations require a separate consultation with your doctor, preferably at least six weeks prior to your trip. If you have purchased a private vaccine to be administrated, please advise the receptionist on arrival.


To avoid mistakes, repeat prescriptions require a consultation. Although this may seem inconvenient in the majority of cases, ongoing monitoring is required. Generally this brief consultation can be done via telehealth.

Medical Certificates

Medical and sickness certificates can only be issued as a result of a consultation; these certificates cannot be legally backdated.

Minor Operations

Minor procedures such as excision of skin lesions, also suturing of wounds are performed in our theatre area. Due to sterilizing costs, there will be a gap to pay for procedures, this will apply to all patients (except DVA). All concession card holders and patients under the age of 16 will receive this service at a reduced rate.

Phone Calls

Urgent matters will be attended to immediately and non-urgent calls will be attended to as soon as possible. It can often take our staff some time to catch doctors to pass on information, please be patient as they are doing their best to attend to phones in a timely manner while also trying to communicate with the doctors.

Reminder System

This practice uses a recall/reminder system through HotDoc to provide preventative care for our patients. We also receive information from National recall systems such as breast screen, cervical screening and bowel cancer screening.

Patient Information

In order for us to better manage your health, it is important that we have your relevant information including previous medical history and cultural background.
It is also important to have all your contact details in case of an emergency. If your details have recently changed, please ensure to notify us.

Practice Privacy & Confidentiality Collection

It is necessary for the Doctors and staff to collect personal information from patients and sometimes others associated with their health care in order to attend to their health needs. This information is generally collected from the patient, and with the patients’ consent. However, sometimes we may receive patient information from others, when this occurs we will, wherever possible, make sure the patient knows we have received this information.

Use & disclosure

To ensure quality and continuity of patient care, patients’ health information is used or disclosed for purposes directly related to their health care. This may include sharing information with other health care providers who comprise a patients’ medical team. If you don’t wish for this to happen you should discuss this with your Doctor.